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Harwich – Hook of Holland

According to many comparison websites, the cheapest crossing from England towards the Netherlands is the ferry connection from Harwich to Hook of Holland. There are also not many alternatives and certainly not within the price, speed and quality ratio of this crossing. In about  8 hours you are already in The Netherlands. Hook of Holland is just minutes away from Rotterdam and only an hour away to Amsterdam or Utrecht.

Book early, ferry connections work on supply and demand, if you book early you always get the best price, prices can go up to 5x when there are only a few tickets left.

StenaLine is the only operator on this connection, there is absolutely no better way to go from Harwich to Hook of Holland.

Pricing Harwich – Hook of Holland

Way of TransportOne WayReturn
On Foot / No Vehicle*~ £ 70 (economy)~ € 160 (economy)
Car + Caravan + Passenger~ £ 120 (economy)~ € 240 (economy)
Camper <6m~ £ 100 (economy)~ € 170 (economy)
Car + Passenger~ £ 80 (economy)~ € 160 (economy)

The above prices are sometimes difficult to calculate, we really recommend testing on the website Stenaline how much your crossing will actually cost. You always have to book a cabin with a transition only by foot. As a result, these costs are not even much lower than with a car.

More info about the ferry from Harwich to The Netherlands

  • Distance: The distance from Hook of Holland to Harwich is about 140 Miles.
  • Language: In The Netherlands they call the hook: ‘Hoek van Holland'.
  • Departures: The ferry sails daily from Harwich to Hook of Holland and back.
  • Boats: You can make the crossing to The Netherlands with two different types of ships: the Stena Hollandica and the Stena Britannica.
  • Departure: The ferry from Harwich departs at 9:00 and 23:00 on weekdays (including saturday) and at 9:00 and 23:00 on sunday.
  • Return Journey: On Monday to Saturday the ferry departs at 14:15 and 22:00 from the Netherlands local time (Hoek van Holland). On Sundays, the departure times are 13:45 and 22:00.

Ferries Stena Hollandica and Stena Britannica

You can make the crossing on two ships: the Stena Hollandica and the Stena Brittanica. The Stena Hollandica is a relatively new ship with restaurants, bars, a play corner and many other facilities on board. You don't have to get bored during the crossing. The same goes for the Stena Brittanica. You can also travel comfortably with it and – if you want – even do some work. You have free access to WiFi.

How far is the sailing between Hook of Holland and Harwich?

The distance you travel by ferry to Harwich is about 140miles, the boats have a maximum speed of 22 knots, which equates to 40 k / m hour. In total, the crossing to England takes about 6.5 hours at the fastest, so the ferry still sails an average of about 20 miles / h.

Buy a ticket for this crossing.

StenaLine is the only operator on this line, there is absolutely no better option to book Hook of Holland to Harwich.